09 Jan

Happy New Year to you all. 

I went out to film some local herds and the heavens opened, I don't think its stopped raining since. After the drought last summer we are making up for it now, the tracks are like streams, I spend my life in waterproofs and my never ending respect for the tough hardy animals that live out on the commons of Dartmoor shines through. Ive experienced every type of rain, slow miserly rain, sideways rain, rain that bounces back up at you, and straight forward torrential rain. 

This is the weather that strips condition off ponies, cattle and sheep. Native livestock are acclimatised to these conditions and fair far better than those animals not bred for harsh conditions. Native livestock actually thrive here on the moor and have adapted to the nutritionally low input food source found across the Dartmoor common's. It's beggars belief that ponies can withstand this pounding. I came across a group sheltering from a hounding wind tucked, into a gorse copse, mares quietly teaching their young charges how to thrive off their prickly day shelter. It's quite wonderful to watch the yearling Dartmoor Hill ponies nipping off the gorse tips, moving this protein rich food delicately to the back of their mouths, then grind it down releasing important oils for survival. 

If you would like to learn more about these amazing animals come and join us on an equine adventure or one of the Equi Phoenix Courses, we would love to discuss your individual requirements.

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