30 Jun

My first visit to Groundswell was exciting and a great opportunity to network. I went all the way to Hitchin to meet several people from Dartmoor, isn't that daft, but often the way. Two days of immersing myself in regenerative farming, left me wanting more. And a feeling of time is racing away on us as a country and a planet, a lack of systems in government with joined up thinking to tackle the really big issues facing the NHS, Food Production and Environmental Targets. It was fascinating and frustrating.  Very much an arable event, I see grazing as a key element to a long term solution and the provider of organic matter and creator of biodiversity in and above the ground. Soil health is paramount, I wanted to see more innovation around grazing techniques with different types of animals and poultry. Silvopasture is a fascinating subject which I'm sure will gather momentum here, especially as our climate is changing so rapidly. Will there be more on Equine conservation grazing next year, watch this space!

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