21 Jul

A visit to Kingsley Vale National Nature Vale left in me in a quandary. I'd been asked to carry out a site assessment at this stunning location and on arrival I was faces with every toxic plant known to equines Ragwort, Yew, St John's Wort and Juniper. With the exception of Juniper which is linked to laminitic attacks. The plants are also toxic or fatal to other livestock. Cattle and sheep are grazing the site successfully without mishap. So why? I needed to carefully consider was this a suitable site for equines, they had grazed here back in the 1980's, why had that stopped. Could they return if carefully monitored and stocking levels were kept low. Would the nature benefits outweigh any potential risk and would the equines have a safe life? This dilemma falls into the daily life of an Equine Grazing Consultant as I wrote my report. 

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