21 Dec

Once we received the initial phone call from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, our team at Equi Phoenix set to building a consignment of good natured, pedigree Dartmoor ponies suitable for conservation grazing. The ponies needed to be lightly handled, but not overly friendly as they will be on a public site and could run the risk of being overly curious of people. People and ponies in a conservation environment are best kept at a distance, as these ponies are not domesticated. We just do the basics. We provide ponies that have gone through a taming system that enables routine care and emergency procedures to be carried out without the ponies becoming stressed.  Equi Phoenix have sourced suitable ponies that all gel well together. The Hill farmers we purchase ponies from breed ponies with exceptional temperaments and confirmation, suitable for the climatic changes we are now experiencing. We travel the ponies at night to reduce stress and were very happy when the ponies reached their destination safely. It has taken many weeks of handling, liaising and paperwork, but it all came together just in time for Christmas. We now have a new herd of Dartmoor ponies grazing the heaths of Norfolk increasing biodiversity. Job Done. Happy Christmas! 

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